5 Ways to Improved Your CV

1 - Keep it short

Keep it short and simple but make sure the details you provided is relevant to the said position your applying for.
Make sure to catch theyre attention, but details should be precise on the CV. Employers are busy so they just looking on the important highlights of the CV. Including the right credentials and experience on the said job.

2 - Have a Good Presentation

Make sure your content inside your CV is easier to read with proper spacing and font. This includes listing the details rather than putting in sentence.

3 - Include keywords

keywords are used to see the important details of the CV.
This is easier for the interviewers to see the highlight of your CV.
This is to see the relevant details they need for the job description.

4 - Put a summary

Quick summary is provided for the skills and interest you have, this is also to see the strong qualities you have to fit for the job.

5 - Double check for mistakes

Make sure to double check for mistakes, misspelling and fonts. CV should be perfectly made to get the right impression to the interviewer.

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