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UAE is consist of almost 80-90 % Expats all over the world. Remaining population is consist of Local Emirati who is residing here in UAE. Expats are here to find job as UAE is one of the richest country in the world. This include Expats who want to find job and come as visit visa, since UAE is very open to other Nationalities who wants to work here and serve the county. But if you think this is going to be easy, the answer is NO. Competition is tough and requirements to find job here also depends on the educational attainment and experience you have. So I made the tips for easiest way to find job.

Make your Curriculum Vitae

Make sure the CV you are submitting can get the attention of the other party receiving it. Gather all the documents you will be needing including certificates from previous employer or legal documents you needed to start the job immediately.

Creating account online

This will give you a high chance to get the job you want. This is by creating username and password in each account link in to other websites which will give you other job posting ads, and get notifications to career sites for new jobs. Trust the websites like indeed, dubizzle and linkin which gives you notifications for new jobs vacancies.

Start checking Company Websites

Al Futtaim, Emirates , and all other major companies have their own career websites where you can check and select the career they have on job openings. This includes the criteria they have for selecting and profiling the applicants for their company. Always check career sites from time to time since lots of people are also looking for the same position you’re aiming for.

Do it Online

I don’t really suggest people to go for walk-ins if you don’t have an appointment. Based on my personal experience one job is posted but missed it since I was busy dropping CV’s to other companies. Companies who will still ask you to visit their career sites and submit from there. This will save time and effort if you will just stay at home and wait for online posting.

Dress Accordingly

Dress appropriately since you need to impress the interviewer for the specific job you want to get. For gents wear suit and avoid loud colors, and for ladies use skirt and pants professionally. UAE is a Muslim country so still, dress accordingly as we also need to respect the culture that they have here in UAE. Remember this is because you have to impress the interviewer. Get his or her attention and focus on your strength personalities to get the job.

Show Confidence

Be confident on the skills you have. This is also to show how you are confident about the job and prove them that you will not just be a liability but an asset to the company. Answer questions that are relevant to the job and answer it directly.

Be focus

Focus on finding job and don’t lose hope, as everyone is struggling to find job here in UAE. Stress will really come to you and will make yourself feel down but this is not the way you should handle the situation. Be Confident, Fierce and have a Positive Attitude so you will inspire yourself to be better.

Choose the right Career

Don’t just settle for less. Find the job who will give you satisfaction towards work and not just because this is the one available. I know that you don’t have the right to choose jobs right now but think of yourself since you will have the same job for the next 2 years of your life.

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